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Reservation Guidelines


Be sure to read the reservation guidelines before choosing and asking for a spot!

Once you find an available spot, click it's "Available" link. This will take you to to post on the main thread. Scan the recent posts (towards the bottom of the page) to be sure noone has recently requested your spot. If not, just indicate that you're interested in the spot (giving it's page and box number) in your post. You'll receive a PM confirmation from Rags when your request is processed, and your name will appear in the table.

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1 - Book List Box Owner Date Paid
1 KinseyMillhone 2004-10-19 Paid
2 BlakeMP 2004-10-19 Paid
3 Available! -- --
4 Hax19 2004-10-20 Paid
5 HarleyQuinn19 2004-12-07 Paid

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