Book Signing Guidelines

Here's what you need to do to ensure you get your deposit back. They'll be adhered to pretty closely, because we want to be fair to everyone involved. So be sure about your inscription before you write it!

  1. Reserved Pages -- The first blank page and the half title-page opposite it are reserved for various signatures, including Michael Whelan's and a couple people's at Grant. The second blank page opposite the quotes page is reserved for the drawing of the door and the main inscription. Do not write on any of these pages.

  2. Inscription Reservations -- Reservations are being taken for those pages before the text starts (page 3). Anything after and including page 3 is fair game, with no restrictions other than don't take up more than a page. Also free is the inside cover, in both the front in the back (the illustration of Roland in the woods, with the watch). If there is a spot in the other pages -- those that must be reserved -- that you want to use, see the reservation guidelines. Do not write on any reserved spots unless you have received a confimation that you have the reservation.

  3. Negative Messages -- Do not write any angry or mean messages. The book simply will not make it to its final destination if this happens -- King stressed that he didn't want any angry letters, and we don't intend to be part of any he receives. This book is about gratitude, and we'd like the overall message to be one of gratitude. (This of course doesn't mean that every message has to be saying thank you... just don't make the inscription a negative one and you will be fine.)

If you have any questions about any of this, feel free to inquire on the thread, or to contact jthodges or valtr0n.

Reservation Guidelines

Please take a look at the page layouts and decide which box you would like to reserve for your inscription. Note that the reserved spaces have the person's username in the box. Once you have decided which box you would like to reserve, post the request on the thread. Include the page title and box number in your post. Rags will then PM you to confirm your reservation. Your name will be added to the reservations list and in the appropriate box on the page layouts. Updates to the list and page layouts will be made daily and the links to these will be posted by jthodges.

Please note that reservations will only be accepted if you have made the $5 payment to Valtr0n. If the $5 payment is not received within three days of making the reservation, your reservation will be cancelled. If your payment will be late for any reason, please let Rags know (as well as Valtr0n) so we can keep the reservation open for you.

If you do not reserve a space but still wish to use one of these boxes when you receive the book, please make a request on the thread. Once the box has been confirmed as still available, Rags will confirm your late reservation via PM. DO NOT WRITE ANYTHING IN THE BOX UNTIL YOU HAVE RECEIVED CONFIRMATION THAT IT IS OK TO DO SO! Delayed reservations like this will be accepted but please be aware that it could cause delays in shipping.

With regard to family members, friends, etc, signing the book, please be aware that only members of this site will be able to reserve the spaces at the front of the book. Anyone who is not a member will need to write their inscription after the first text page – marked as page 3. If a family member or friend wants to sign at the front of the book, they must register with this site and pay the $5 like everyone else. Do not allow non-members to take the book away but ask them to sign it in your presence - it will be on your head if anything happens to it.

If you wish to cancel a reservation at any time, just post on the thread and your name will be removed from the list and box. You will receive confirmation via PM that your cancellation has been accepted.

If anyone is found to have written in a box they did not reserve or, even worse, in a box someone else has reserved, their $5 payment will be forfeited and will contribute towards overseas shipping costs.

Finally, a small piece of advice to you all – think twice, practice three times and write in the book only once – there’s no room for errors! And have FUN!

If you have any questions about any of this, feel free to inquire on the thread, or to contact rags, jthodges, or valtr0n.