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We are sending a copy of The Dark Tower around to various members of, gathering signatures with short messages at each stop. The plan is to eventually send it on to Stephen King as something of a "thank you". The book will include a drawing of a door (executed by Rags), for which a prototype can be viewed here, and an inscription reading "To Stephen King, who opened the door into our minds and pulled us into Mid-world, where our hearts shall remain forever." (Both ideas are courtesy of valtr0n.)

This all started in this thread, so if you're interested in the story it can be found there.

How it works

Participants are placed in an ordered list approximating an optimal route. When the book starts getting near you, you should send the person ahead of you a Personal Message, giving your shipping information. Before the book is sent to you, you must send a $5 deposit to valtr0n, which will be refunded in full when the book safely arrives at its next destination. When you receive the book, you are able to write a short message and sign the book (see the guidelines for details on how this should be done). By this time, you should have received the shipping details from the next person in line, and after you confirm that their deposit has been made, you can send the book to them.

Once the book has finished its trip, it will be sent on to several key individuals for inscriptions. This group of people is still open, but will most likely include several people at Grant, Michael Whelan, and a few others. When they are through with it, it will be sent to Stephen King.

The Process

Below is a more detailed explanation of what you need to do to participate.

  1. You first need to indicate interest in the main thread. At this point, no promises are being made to people who want to be included, but most likely you will have a chance to sign, especially if you are willing to wait until it's traveled both the United States and Europe and to pay some extra shipping if noone is near you.
  2. As soon as possible, you'll also need to send a $5 deposit to valtr0n via PayPal. You can do this easily even without a PayPal account through this link. Note that you'll get this back as soon as you pass the book along safely or withdraw from the project. If you wish to donate in order to help out with overseas shipping, just send more than $5. Regardless, be sure to include your screen name in the PayPal transaction!
  3. If you would like your address to be included with the book, send it in a Personal Message to AirTraffic. This is completely optional.
  4. Keep checking the main thread and the participant list to track the book's progress and confirm your deposit was received. Please allow at least 24 hours for the list to be updated.
  5. If you want, you can reserve a spot in the front of the book. First read the reservation guidelines, and then look for an available spot on the reservation list. When you find one you want, post that you would like it on the main thread, along with it's page and box number. Be sure to check the last several posts to see if anyone else recently requested the spot. When Rags gets to your request, you'll receive a PM confirmation from her, and your name will appear on the reservation list. Note that no reservations are necessary or allowed for any pages past the start of chapter one (page 3), and that the only restriction placed on these pages is that you not take up more than a page.
  6. When the book starts getting near you (when it's about five people away), send a Personal Message to the first person above you that has paid their deposit. The book will not be going to anyone who has not paid their deposit, so don't send to or request the book from any members whose line is grayed out.
  7. Once you receive the book, you can write your inscription. Please read the inscription guidelines to ensure that you are being fair to the other participants. The most important of these is to not cross into another member's reserved space, and to not write anything negative. Your deposit will be put towards overseas shipping if any guidelines are broken, and further action may be taken if it is deemed necessary.
  8. When you have the next person's shipping information and you've signed the book, carefully repackage it. Ship it ot the next person via United States Postal Service Priority Mail (if in the U.S.), and be sure to include insurance and tracking! Once it's on its way, post on the main thread to notify everyone, and include that tracking number.
  9. Soon after the next person confirms safe receipt of the book, you should receive your $5 back form valtr0n.


If you have any questions, feel free to post them on the main thread. You can also PM any of the people listed in the links at the top of this page, but response will be quickest if you post on the thread.